Thursday Thoughts

The Real Deal
I texted Adelaide on Monday, which was her first day of college. How did your day go? I asked her. It was pretty difficult, but I’m glad to get started was her response. I remember those first days of school. I went to a high school that was considerably smaller than Addie’s school. Suddenly I was thrust into classrooms that were 300 students in a giant auditorium. I don’t remember being nonplussed, however. I only remember being excited to finally be a college student. However, while I don’t remember what my first college class of 1972 was, I do know that it wasn’t Honors Chemistry, which Addie faced as her first class. She’ll do fine, and pretty soon it will be second nature.

Hit the Ball
I got a text from Jll early on Tuesday morning, which was Alastair, Dagny, and Maggie Faith’s first day of school. Dagny has a volleyball game at 5, and it’s at TJ, was the gist of the text. The real point was that this might be the only opportunity to see Dagny play volleyball without having to drive across town. Since Bec was spending the final few days of her Colorado adventure at our house, she, too, attended the volleyball game. Thomas Jefferson won handily, and Dagny played well. I learned that I like volleyball, and understand it more than I do soccer. It’s fun when they win, but I will continue to love Dagny when they lose!

Birthday Doings
We celebrated the final of our August birthday marathon last Sunday, as Kaiya celebrated her 13th birthday. Her mother says Kaiya has been a teenager since she was 2, but I know it was considerably earlier than that. Bill and I used to babysit a bit when she was a baby, and she showed up bright and early at our house at not even a year old carrying a Hello Kitty purse. She already had the teenager attitude. Being a teenager in 2021 is a lot more difficult and scary than being a teenager in 1970, so I pray for all of my grandkids every single day…..

Drive Safely
By the time you read this post, Bec will be on her way home to Chandler, AZ. She said she had a wonderful trip, which included time in Nebraska with Jen. They had the opportunity to connect with many cousins, some whom they hadn’t seen for 30 years or more. Mom did a good job of keeping all of us connected to her many siblings and their many children, something for which we are all very grateful. I was sorry not to be able to accompany them. However, next summer is my 50th high school reunion (and I don’t know how THAT happened), so Bill and I will certainly be making a trip to my home town at that point.


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