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King of Beasts
If you read Tuesday’s post, you know that Bec and I went to the Denver Zoo this week. I was very happy to be able to make use of my membership after COVID stopped us all dead in our tracks. We saw lots of animals, but one of our favorites appeared at the very end of our visit. Earlier, as we walked by the lion exhibit, there wasn’t a lion to be seen. Too hot, we thought. But as we made our way to the door, we passed the lion exhibit one more time. There we spotted the King of Beasts, acting like the King of Beasts. Behind me I heard a small child say, “Look Mommy! There’s Mufasa.” The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I must admit that the lion resembled Mufasa…..

See the resemblance?

Favorite Things
I saw something on Facebook the other day that caught my eye. What movie have you purposely seen more than 10 times? The person who posted the question admitted to seeing Forest Gump and Groundhog Day more than 10 times. I have seen Forest Gump exactly twice. Groundhog Day I may have seen 10 times, but not on purpose. It just seems to be on television a lot. I like both movies. However, the movie I’m certain I have watched way more than 10 times is The Blind Side. I love that movie so much. I love it so much, in fact, that Bill and I watched it again last night. Though I can practically say the dialogue along with Sandra Bullock, I never fail to cry in the right spots, get scared when I’m supposed to, and rejoice when Michael is dropped off at college. As an aside, Blues Brothers is the movie Bill would say he’s seen many, many times.

Happy Birthday
We celebrate lots of birthdays in August, and this past Tuesday was our grandson Micah’s ninth birthday. Micah is a fan of making music. He has had an ear for music almost since birth. He has honed his musical interests a bit, and prefers percussion. I heard him say he wanted a glockenspiel for his birthday this year, so Papa and I gave him that for his present. First thing Tuesday morning, I got a text video from his mom featuring Micah on the glockenspiel. Needless to say, he is almost a maestro already, glockenspiel-wise. He seemed very happy.

Adelaide met her new best friend on Monday, her roommate Maya (I hope I’m spelling that correctly). I was very lucky when I moved to the dormitory back in 1972. My roommate became one of my very best friends. We jelled immediately. It helped that she had attended a small Catholic high school that our small Catholic high school competed against in all sports. It was, in fact, our archenemy, but my roommate and I were able to overcome. I hope that Adelaide and Maya will be good friends.

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