Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Adelaide Grace McLain was born yesterday. Well, it seems like yesterday. She went from this…..

…..to this……

…..pretty much overnight. It seems like it, anyway. Who knew those two little sprouts on her head would turn into a beautiful mane of golden hair?

There are plusses and minuses about being the first-born. She was the first born in her immediate family. Her mother says she would put her in her crib while she took a shower. If she heard a single peep, she would rush out of the shower to check on her. By the time Addie’s youngest sibling was born, Magnolia’s cries could wait until her mother’s shower was over. It’s the way of the world.

Addie is a typical first-born. She has high expectations of herself, but also of the world around her. It’s why she graduated fifth in her class, and why she is now entering Colorado State University in its honors’ program. It’s also why there is little doubt in this nana’s mind that she will somehow positively impact this world. Adelaide Grace is a force with which to reckon.

Bill and I were in Fort Collins this past weekend, and Jen drove us over to the campus so we could see where Addie would be living starting this very day…..

Students in the honors’ program have their own dormitories, and it probably makes other students wish they had studied a bit more diligently in high school. Addie set the above-mentioned goals, and, with a lot of hard work, she met those goals and is reaping the rewards.

I couldn’t possibly be prouder of our granddaughter. I also couldn’t be more relieved that out of all of the colleges to which she was accepted, she chose a school that is a mere 65 miles away. Far enough away to be independent; close enough to get the occasional visit from Nana and Papa.

Best of luck, Miss Adelaide. I will pray for you every single day.

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