Thursday Thoughts

For the past couple of days, I’ve been experiencing some mouth pain. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but we are heading to Vermont on Monday and I don’t want the flight attendants to have to do an emergency dental procedure. I called my dentist to see if she could fit me in. Wouldn’t you know that this is the week she chose to close her office and take vacation? And wouldn’t you know that my toothache kicked into second gear yesterday afternoon? So I called an emergency dentist and made an appointment for this afternoon. I see a root canal in my near future.

Jumpity, Aren’t You?
Despite some tooth pain, I took Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole out to lunch yesterday. We followed that with a trip to a trampoline park. Let me tell you, those three kids can put away some sushi. I always get hand rolls so I can stay ahead of them. At Sky Zone, they jumped and jumped and jumped, working off any energy provided by the sushi. I think Cole jumped into the foam blocks 3,287 times. We enjoyed our time at the trampoline park, and celebrated with Sonic afterwards.

My sister Bec arrives this afternoon for her annual Colorado visit. She will spend a few days here (probably nursing me through a root canal) and then head to Fort Collins. She is renting a cottage near Old Town Fort Collins for a few weeks. I hope to see a lot of her after we return from Vermont. We might even work a trip to Estes Park into our time together.

Speaking of Vermont, I will not be posting a blog next week while we are vacationing. My plan is to repost some old posts. I will return again the next Monday, refreshed and ready to go.


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