Thursday Thoughts

She Looks Innocent
Every day, I post my blog on Facebook. I have a number of people who read it from that medium. Some “like” it; some even comment. One of my friends comments regularly. The other day when I posted my blog about Japanese Beetles, she commented that she heartily dislikes them as well, especially since their plant of choice in her yard are her roses. She told me she picks them off by hand. Sometimes she puts them in sudsy water as the nurseries suggest. But more often she puts them in a plastic bag so that they can suffocate. Remind me to always stay on her good side! Of course, I have no intention of eating her roses.

He Looks Innocent Too
The other day, my iPhone rang, indicating a Facetime call. I picked up my phone, and saw it was from Cole. He had no agenda. Well, that’s not exactly true. His agenda was apparently showing me every weird feature his fancy iPad has available during Facetime. Mine has no special effects, which is just fine by me. He can’t understand it, however, and keeps asking me to make myself into a shark or a robot or something other than me. No can do, Cole. Still, this is who I spent most of my time talking to…..

….as opposed to this cute guy…..

I Can’t Say No
I did it again. Bill and I had made a stop at Target to pick some prescriptions at the CVS Pharmacy within the store. We got back out to the car, and Bill innocently said, “I have to get a couple more posts at Lowe’s. Want to come?” I told him since we were out, I would be willing to make that stop as long as they were shorter. They were shorter, a mere eight feet long. The two-foot clearance seemed the size of Alaska!

Let the Games Begin
I don’t know exactly why, but I am really eager for the Olympics to begin this year. I’m generally sort of nonchalant about the games, but his year I’m eager to get going. Or rather, to watch others get going. Perhaps it’s the dearth of any kind of good television this summer, and any kind of good sports programs in particular. I’ve got my DVR set to record the opening ceremony, and then again for the parade of countries. U.S.A U.S.A. U.S.A

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  1. Speaking of TV this summer, did you ever catch Crime Scene Kitchen on Fox? If you have Hulu you can watch the episodes. You can actually binge watch because the finale was yesterday. The premise is that baking team duos compete against each other to figure out what was made in the kitchen by looking at clues in the trash, in the fridge , in the sink, etc. They try to replicate what was made. I think you’d like it!!?

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