Thursday Thoughts

Do You Smell Cinnamon?
There is a restaurant in Fort Collins known for its cinnamon rolls. They really are very tasty, if quite large. During Jen’s kids/grandkids’ recent visit, we had breakfast there one morning. Seven-year-old Lilly requested a cinnamon roll. The restaurant was out of the mini rolls, so she ended up with a cinnamon roll the size of her head…..

She didn’t eat the whole thing, I’m pleased to say. She did, however, do quite a bit of damage to the sticky treat. Great job, Lilly!

Boom, Boom, Boom
Bill has a new project that he’s working on. A recent windstorm took out our neighbor’s gate, and ours with it. We got a couple of bids to replace the gate. They were all surprisingly high. Bill took a look at what work was necessary, and decided he could do much of the work himself. So he has spent the last two days digging holes for posts. This requires some degree of digging out of old matter. From morning until night, he works. From morning until night, I hear BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. That’s my husband for you.

They Say It’s Your Birthday
Bill’s son Allen celebrated his birthday this past weekend. We wanted to have some sort of festivity for him, but there were too many of us to eat at a restaurant. Allen suggested we all meet at Edgewater Public Market, a recently-completed marketplace with many different choices of places to eat and shop. There was both indoor and outdoor dining, and there was plenty of room for the 16 of us to celebrate. It was lots of fun, and Bill and I will definitely go there again. Or perhaps go to one that is a bit nearer to our house, as these public markets are a new phenomenon here in the Denver Metro area…..

Baby Love
I got an invitation to my niece’s baby shower in AZ in August. I won’t be able to attend because we will be in Vermont visiting our grands. My niece is preparing to have her FIFTH child, all of whom are girls. My brother has three daughters (and a son), and out of his soon-to-be nine grandkids, seven are girls. What with his three sisters, you could say the man is surrounded by estrogen!


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