Gone to the Dogs

We had a very busy weekend, what with visitors from Vermont and visitors from AZ. As I write this blog, I am dead on my feet, so I will simply tell you that yesterday, the home of Bill and Kris had gone to the dogs.

My brother Dave and his daughter Brooke came from AZ for the week, and brought along Dave’s new dog, Charlie. Charlie was adopted and is of an uncertain breed. We guess perhaps a little dachshund and a little chihuahua. Maybe some corgi. He is just a pup, and so he had a lot more energy than the other dogs. He has a pensive face with bright eyes and the most adorable ears I’ve ever seen on a dog….

Dave’s daughter Jessie and her boyfriend Robert have two dogs — one apiece when they met. Both are adopted and are mixed breed. Well, to be honest, it’s not exactly accurate to say Jessie adopted Edi. It’s more accurate to say Edi adopted Jessie. She was a junkyard dog, literally. Jessie took her home, fattened her up, and Edi is about the most loyal dog I’ve ever seen. She is part pit bull and part sharpei. Mostly, she thinks she’s a lap dog…..

Ali is the matriarch and watches the other dogs romp like the elderly aunt watches her great grand nieces and nephews at play. Winston, of course, is Jen’s dog. He wasn’t sure what to think about this particular pack, and so he sort of sat on the sidelines and watched. I tried to get a photo of all four dogs, but this is the best I could do…..

Four amber pooches kept us busy yesterday afternoon.

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  1. The pic with all of the dogs pretty much sums up yesterday afternoon. Just add in the yummy food.

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