Thursday Thoughts

Chicken Dinner
Last night, I had my visiting brother Dave and niece Brooke over for dinner. They were joined by his other daughter, Jessie, and her boyfriend Rob. Court and Alyx and the kids came as well. I fried up a whole chicken and some extra thighs and legs. I mixed some cucumbers with sour cream and chives from my garden. I rustled up some macaroni and Swiss cheese just like my mom and grandmother used to make. We did a dang good job of finishing up almost everything. I had a couple of pieces of chicken left, and a few beans. There were just enough macaroni left for lunch today. It was tons of fun.

Visiting Grands
I got a text from Maggie Faith yesterday morning. Joseph and Micah and I are heading over to your house. Shortly after, I heard the front door open and the sounds of grandkids filled the air. We really didn’t do much. They watched a movie on Netflix. We ordered food from Noodles & Co. Micah isn’t fond of noodles, but he was excited to eat the leftover cold pizza from the day before. “I like my pizza cold,” he assured me. “Don’t heat it up.” Afterwards, they settled back down to watch a few episodes of Death in Paradise before heading back to their home. It was fun to spend some time with the Vermont grandkids, even if they were somewhat distracted by technology.

I’ve been somewhat stumped by a puzzle that I thought would be easier than it seems to be. But as soon as Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole arrived yesterday evening, Mylee went straight to the puzzle. “Nana,” she said. “I’ve already found four pieces.” “Good enought, Mylee,” I told her. “Go ahead and do as much as you can, because I’m getting nowhere fast.” I’m starting to get used to being bested by a 10-year-old.

And while Mylee was working on the puzzle, Kaiya got ahold of the sidewalk chalk. She worked for quite some time. This was the result…..

Not too bad for freehand art.


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  1. What were the beans leftover from dinner?
    Lilly thinks Kaiya is an amazing artist as evidenced from the pic you have hanging on the refrigerator at BB’s.

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