Thursday Thoughts

Date Night
Well, Date Day, actually. Tuesday morning I mentioned to Bill that it would be nice if we did something together that day. He agreed. But what? “Let me check movie listings,” I said. Pickings were slim, as you might imagine. Hollywood is still reeling from COVID. Summer movies are pretty weak even under the best of conditions. I was bored, but not bored enough to watch Fast and Furious 27, even if they’re trying to fool me with a different name. But I found a movie that seemed reasonably watchable. It is called 12 Mighty Orphans. Based on a true story, it is the story of a new teacher at an orphanage in Texas who offers football to the 12 boys who are grade-eligible to play. This leads to that, and football saves the school — and the 12 orphans. Basically, it is Hoosier, only it’s takes place during the Great Depression and it is football. It was good. As we walked out of the theater, Bill said, “You know what? I’m a sucker for that kind of movie.” So am I. We had fun. Red Vines for me; popcorn for Bill.

Let the Sun Shine
Today, Jen and I are taking grandkids to Pirates Cove. She wanted to take Austin and Lilly, who are visiting from AZ, and thought the three Z’s would have fun with her grands. Given our recent weather situation, we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather. Lately, it has only been in the 80s, and afternoons often offer a thunderstorm. Fingers crossed. Cole wants to show off his ability to go down the twisty slide once again.

Season 7, which is the final season, of one of Bill and my favorite detective stories has dropped on Amazon Prime. We have enjoyed the past six season, but it has been a long wait between the end of Season 6 and now. We sat down the other night and put on the new season. Before beginning, they showed what has taken place previously. Bill and I looked at each other and said, “Oh, oh.” We couldn’t remember a thing. So we decided to rewatch Season 6 to give our feeble minds a boost. Every day is a new day!

Where Am I?
I went to CVS Pharmacy yesterday to find out why one of Bill’s PD medications hasn’t been refilled. He will run out on Saturday. Tick tock. It turns out the prescription has expired, something no one bothered to tell me. The clerk in the pharmacy said she would contact the doctor. But she suggested that since we were soon running out, it might make sense for me to contact the doctor as well. I made a phone call. Shortly thereafter, I got a message from the doctor’s office. The voice proudly said they had submitted a new prescription as requested. She went on to say it would be filled at the Costco in Mesa, AZ. Oops. Wrong pharmacy. Wrong city. I called and got it straightened out. Managing his medications is like herding cats.