Fred Flintstone

Every year of a wedding anniversary is connected with some sort of item. For example, your first anniversary is paper. So the idea is that you would give your beloved spouse something made out of paper. I guess they don’t want you wasting money until you know the marriage is going to “take.” And I don’t know who “they” is. Probably Hallmark, because Hallmark is the king of All Things Gifted.

Anyway, it seems like 29 years should warrant something special. I went online to see the gift category for 29 years. Tools. Yep. After 29 years of marriage, Bill is supposed to give me a nail gun and I’m supposed to give him a power ratchet.

And, by the way, while I have no idea what a power ratchet is, I can almost guarantee that there is already one in our garage somewhere. Bill has a lot of tools that he has collected over the years. We did have to rent a jackhammer recently, but, oh well, we’re on to our 30th anniversary. The gift for 30 years, I’m pleased to say, is pearls. Bill bought me a pearl necklace early in our marriage. I could wear two strands and look like Barbara Bush. I can’t wait.

Anyway, since we passed on the tools, we made up for it by going out for a wonderful dinner with my sister Jen and her son B.J. We went to a wonderful Fort Collins restaurant named RARE. It is Italian, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better food. We knew we couldn’t go wrong.

And I have to add that eating with B.J. is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can imagine. The man likes food. He knows about food. He cooks fabulous food. And he knows what he likes. I love to eat with someone who loves to eat. What can I say?

Anyhoo, as we drank our before dinner drinks (martinis for B.J. and me, and glasses of prosecco for Jen and Bill) we perused the menu. As we did so, the server announced the restaurants specials. I can’t remember the rest, because as soon as the words were out of her mouth, I knew Bill might as well put his menu away. What was the word? Tomahawk steak.

If you have never seen (or eaten) a tomahawk steak, I will tell you it is one of the most pleasurable eating experiences you can have. A tomahawk steak is a bone-in ribeye steak. But what a bone! Wait, let me show you…..

Never mind that the cost was $175. Bill was all in. After all, a jackhammer would have been considerably more expensive. And besides, he was paying.

The steak, coupled with a few different risottos and some tagliatelle made for some wonderful eating. We started out with antipasti, as would any good Italian couple celebrating their 29th anniversary.

You know what else SCREAMED 29th anniversary? Our reservations were for 3:45 p.m. That was the only time left for reservations. I thought we would be surrounded by nothing but old people. The truth was, there were quite a few people there, finishing up their late lunch. When we were seated, Jen asked the server if we were going to be rushed. She said no, we could take our time. And that was before she knew we were going to order a steak the size of a side of beef.

Remember what I said about B.J. enjoying food? When we were finished eating, he asked if he could have the bone. I said yes, assuming he was going to take it home. But no:

I have to tell you what Bill lacked in manliness for ordering prosecco as a before-dinner drink, he more than made up for with the steak.

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