Thursday Thoughts on Wednesday

When you read this blog post, Bill and I will be on our way back to AZ for my niece Brooke’s wedding. When we left at the beginning of May, we thought we would be driving back home following the wedding. However, since then we bought our new car and made the decision to keep one car in Denver (the Honda) and one car in Mesa (the Hyundai). It may not work out to have only one car, but I think there’s a good chance that it will work out just fine. At any rate, having made that decision, we are flying back on June 7. That means that all of the stuff that we thought we could throw in the back of the car will need to either be put in a suitcase or mailed home. I don’t think we have any sizable items, but undoubtedly I am forgetting something.

Pinterest: You’re Scaring Me
I have commented before on the randomness of the items that Pinterest feeds me. For a while, it was feeding me information on building a chicken coop, something I’ve never even thought of doing. Yesterday morning, I checked Pinterest and found that they fed me two articles that caused me great concern. The first was what to do if I’m ever lost in the woods…..

The second was how to escape when you are tied up with duct tape…..

Perhaps Pinterest knows something I don’t know. Or perhaps Pinterest knows that I read a lot of mysteries. The above are for your safety.

Since today is a travel day, I may or may not post a blog on Thursday. I will be back on track for my book review on Friday.


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