Thursday Thoughts

I learned an interesting fact from my granddaughter Addie, who is a senior in high school. Apparently there is a caste system when it comes to COVID vaccinations. Based on her friends’ reactions, those who have received a Pfizer vaccine feel they are top dog. Next comes Moderna, with Johnson & Johnson coming dead last. This proves that Americans can become competitive about almost anything. By the way, I received Pfizer. I feel especially cool.

I Almost Forgot
Tuesday, when I tried to pull into our garage, I realized I had left my garage door opener with my Volkswagen at the dealership. So yesterday morning, I drove back to the dealer to retrieve the opener. I told the fellow who helped me that I had thought I was so thorough when I cleaned out my car. He told me not to worry, and that garage door openers are the most left-behind objects when people drop off cars. I thanked him for his help, and told him I had the Pfizer vaccine just so he wouldn’t think I was a complete dork.

How Does the Garden Grow?
Yesterday I woke up at 6 o’clock. When I looked out my window, I saw frost on the grass…..

However, a mere couple of hours later, not only was the frost gone, but it was warm enough to start putting plants into the ground. I planted three lettuce plants, a bush bean plant, a basil plant, and my geranium pot. I think we’re done with freezing temperatures for a few months. Let the growing begin!

In order to plant the vegetables and flowers I mentioned above, I had to drive my new car to the nursery to purchase them. I carefully placed them in the back of the car, hoping nothing would fall over. No great disasters, but my basil did fall over and drop a bit of dirt. The amount of dirt that I would have ignored in the bug, but carefully vacuumed up in the new car. I wonder how long that will last? I expect about as long as the new car smell.


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  1. Bj wanted the Moderna vaccination and was convinced it was better. I kept telling him they are all good. He ended up getting the Moderna but who knew that Pfizer was the best… high school seniors!

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