I had lunch yesterday with our 18-year-old granddaughter Adelaide. Sushi, of course. Spending time with Addie gives me insight into what Dorothy Gale felt like when the tornado picked up her house and sent it on its journey to Oz. Windswept!

After considering (and being accepted by) many university alternatives, Addie has finally made a decision to attend the alma mater of her parents — Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We grandparents are breathing a collective sigh of relief, both because she seems so at peace with her decision and because she will be close to home. It’s hard to imagine a life without Addie.

Addie’s first birthday. These days she prefers sushi to cake. And she eats a little neater.

Yesterday when she picked me up, she had just finished a calculus test. Most high school seniors who have already decided on a college and been accepted would not be worrying about how she did on the test. If you think that was Addie, then it’s time you think again. I don’t know anyone — adult or teenager — who challenges him or herself more than Addie. She was distraught that she hadn’t done as well on the test as she had hoped.

Does this test really matter? I naively asked her. Naively, because of course it does when you’re expectations are high. College credit, Nana, she pointed out. I bet she did better than she thinks.

What are you going to do this summer, I asked Addie during lunch. Work, travel, get ready for school, travel, say goodbye to my friends, travel, was her answer. I want to do a lot of traveling this summer before school starts, she said. No kidding.

Addie with her first unauthorized haircut; Addie’s hair recovered.

She and I discussed taking a trip to Vermont together this summer. But when I hear about her summer plans, it’s hard to see where we would fit it in. Somewhere between Florida and Montana perhaps.

Despite my age, I still distinctly remember what it felt like to be leaving for college. I recall being terrified and anticipating homesickness. Addie, thankfully, isn’t a bit like me. She is enthusiastic and fully ready to face her future.

She’s clearly fully ready to face today and tomorrow as well.

First day of kindergarten. She looks ready to face her future already.

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