Thursday Thoughts

Camping Out
Our neighbors here in Mesa are a young couple with a child of about 6 years old. Melissa called me night before last to ask if I would bring in their garbage can because they were going camping for two nights. Of course, I said yes. Yesterday morning, I got up around 5:30. I opened the front and back doors — as I always do once the weather is warm enough — to get some air moving and listen to the birds. About 15 minutes later, Kevin started packing up the truck. He packed and he packed and he packed. He seriously worked for over two hours putting their camping gear into the truck. I went out to tell them goodbye since we will leave for Denver before they get back. “That’s a lot of camping gear for two days,” I laughingly told them. “We like to camp,” said Melissa, “but we like to be as comfortable as we are at home.” There might have been a La-Z-Boy in there somewhere.

It’s Like a Disney Movie
My brother sent me this photo the other night. His daughter Brooke took it from their patio. She was taking a photo of the deer, and got photo bombed by the roadrunner. He is so happy to have this beautiful view from his back patio every night, especially the gorgeous sunsets. Drinking a martini while watching the sun set from that very patio is one of my favorite things to do. That just doesn’t make as good a song for Sound of Music.

Dancing Queen
Bill found out yesterday afternoon that he has to have a bit of surgery when we return here at the end of May for the wedding. He has some basal cells that need to be removed from his back. His appointment is three days before Brooke’s wedding. He asked the doctor’s office if he would feel good enough to go to a wedding. She assured him he would, but he couldn’t do any wild dancing. So, no lampshades on the head for my husband.

On the Road Again
Bill and I will fly back to Denver tomorrow, leaving our car here in AZ for the time being. We will fly back on May 26 for Brooke’s June 4 wedding (and now for Bill’s surgical procedure). We will return to Denver sometime that week, driving our car, and will settle in for the interim. If I miss a day or two of blogging, don’t panic. I’m not in the hospital, and I will return soon.


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