Thursday Thoughts

The other morning, I went outside to water my plants. I took along a pair of scissors, and started to deadhead the geranium plant that sits on the counter of our outdoor kitchen. I took one snip and, to my surprise, a bird flew out of the plant. I was so startled that I couldn’t even tell what kind of bird it was. Probably a mourning dove, I decided. Hmmmm, I thought to myself. What was a bird doing in the geranium pot? I carefully peeked into the plant, and sure enough, I spotted seven little spotted bird eggs. I didn’t touch them of course, and went back inside. I was hoping against hope that nothing I had done would cause the mama bird to abandon her babes. Later that day, I carefully peeked again. I immediately spotted the black crown, and knew it was a quail, and it was sitting bravely on the eggs, despite the peeping thomasina. Aha, I thought. I had spotted two quails hanging around our back yard the night before. Spotting quails is not unusual in our ‘hood. But, in hindsight, these two had seemed like looky-loos who were house hunting. I looked on Wikipedia and learned that quails mate for life and that mom and dad take turns sitting on the eggs. Alas, we probably won’t be here to witness the hatching. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Roadrunner doesn’t find the nest, because quail eggs are a roadrunner delicacy.

It’s very hard to see, but the yellow arrow is pointing to one of the eggs.

Heavenly Movies
I had several responses to yesterday’s post in which I talked about my frustration when it comes to movies depicting the life of Christ. Several people agreed that the movie Jesus isn’t ever — nor WILL it ever be — the same as we imagine Jesus to be. How could it? But I also had a couple of recommendations. One of my cousins said that when she prays the rosary, the Blessed Virgin she always pictures is the one featured in the 2020 film Fatima. So I rented it last night, and she’s right. The actress plays a splendid Mary. Another person suggested I try The Chosen, another story about the life of Christ. I will give that one a try after finishing Jesus of Nazareth, which, by the way, I’m enjoying a great deal. Despite the actor’s vivid blue eyes, he is much like I would envision Jesus.

Yesterday, Bill coaxed me into taking a ride in his Ferarri, which he apparently has up and running. I agreed, because he dangled a glass of wine on the patio of the Las Sendas Golf Club under my nose. Unfortunately, about five minutes into the ride, the car began making funny sounds. We weren’t far from home, and high-tailed it back quickly. He thinks it might just have been low in gas. Hmmmm.

Homeward Bound
We know we are going to head back to Denver in a couple of weeks. We are just now starting to talk about the possibility of flying home at the end or April, leaving our car here. We would then fly back for my niece Brooke’s wedding at the end of May (her wedding is June 4), and driving home after that. Neither option is decidedly better. Either way, we will have to drive one direction. But at least in June we wouldn’t have to worry about snowy weather. We will put on our thinking caps and come with a plan soon.


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