Saturday Smile: Tumbling

As the clock tick tocks its way to the day that we leave again for Denver, I’m trying to fit in a lot of things in the next few weeks. Mostly I want to see my great nieces and nephews participating in their sporting events. I have seen Carter and Kenzie playing soccer. I hope to see Austin play baseball. I would love to see Noah and Asher play basketnball and their sister Grace run track.

Yesterday I was able to watch Lilly in her tumbling class. She was really quite remarkable. I’m pretty sure that I have never been as flexible as is she. It is a very small and intimate class, and the teacher is wonderful and very patient.

It remains to be seen if Lilly is in the 2028 Olympics, but it made me smile…..

Lilly is closest to the camera, and, of course, the very best,

Have a great weekend.

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