Thursday Thoughts

Rust Valley
One time I wrote a blog about something I didn’t think anyone would guess about me. What was it? I liked NASCAR. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not glued to my television on Sundays watching cars making left hand turns over and over again. But I grew up watching stock car races in my hometown, and to this day I like the roar of engines racing one another on a dirt track. Or maybe an asphalt track. Having heard that (or more appropriately, read that), it may not surprise you that one of my favorite shows on Netflix is a program called Rust Valley Restorers. Rust Valley, I have learned, is an area in British Columbia where there is a preponderance of old car collectors. The reality show focuses on an car collector named Mark Hall, his BFF, and his son. I am completely hooked on Mark Hall, both from his Canadian accent, his love for his cars, and his matted dreadlocks. I can’t stop looking at them and imagining how filthy his hair must be to maintain those dreads. There are three seasons, and Bill and I have just finished Season One…..

By the way, I also enjoy coloring vehicles on my coloring app. Go figure.

Easter Bunny
Bill and I hosted the Erik, Josey, Kenzie, and Carter, my sister Bec, and my niece Brooke and her fiance Alexander for Easter dinner. I made a ham and three — count ’em — three racks of lamb. We had fun, despite the fact that we had to all squeeze into our two little tables to enjoy our feast. Luckily, we all get along. At one point, as I was grilling the lamb, Erik came into the house from the garage and said, “Aunt Kris, is it okay that the grill is really smoking right now?” It really wasn’t okay. I ran outside and opened the grill only to find flames that could have potentially brought the fire department. Luckily, the fridge with the cans of beer are right by the grill. I grabbed a can and doused the flames. The lamb was grilled perfectly, with the outside nice and brown and the inside pink. God helps those who need it! We had carrot cake and brownies and lemon cheesecake for dessert. The Lord is risen.

Fire Up the Grill
Bill and I went to Bec’s last night for dinner. She grilled burgers. Why is it that someone else’s food tastes so much better than the food you cook yourself? We talked about travels from the past and wondered if/when we would be traveling again. It’s always nice to not have to cook, and we love spending time with my sister.

Moving Along
The other day, Bill and I went to an restaurant for dinner. It was with great surprise that we saw that the condiments were actually on the table…..

This is something we haven’t seen in a long time. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but it signaled to me the possibility that we might — SOMEDAY — be back to normal. Viva la normal!

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  1. Yay for condiments on the table! I’m tired of asking for salt only to realize 3 minutes later I need ketchup.

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