Thursday Thoughts

In My Easter Bonnet
Sunday is, of course, Easter. I’m not sure why, but it really snuck up on me this time. It would seem like last year would have been the year that I forget the Easter bunny is planning his route right now. After all, last year every day seemed like the last. It’s fairly worrisome that I have forgotten it because I’m hosting Bec and her family. Let’s hope they don’t show up at my doorstep, and I have forgotten they were coming. Pizza for Easter dinner!

Trotting the Globe
Bill likes to go to his boxing class early. Before the class begins, the early-comers toss a basketball around. For reasons about which I’m not entirely clear, Bill absolutely LOVES this time. He’s become quite proficient at ball handling. In fact, he purchased a basketball that he keeps at home. His goal is to be able to spin the basketball on one finger. He googled the Harlem Globetrotters to see how they do it. You think I’m kidding. He can already dribble the ball about two inches from the ground. “I’m the only one in the class that can do it,” he brags.

Cuppa Joe
Since he likes to go early to boxing, I have taken to dropping him off and going to a nearby coffee shop that my sister Bec and her daughter-in-law Josey discovered one day while waiting for a soccer game to start at a nearby field. The city of Mesa is doing a lot to upgrade and popularize their Old Town. That’s where Buddah Coffee is located. The coffee is delicious, and the owners are so very nice. I buy my iced coffee and read for an hour. That way I can still get to see a bit of boxing. The coffee shop shares space with a tattoo shop, so if I am ever so inclined….

Work Those Glutes
Addie, her mom and her aunt are in the Phoenix metro area this week, which is Spring Break for the Denver Public Schools. They are way up north in Carefree at a spa and resort. Jll, Adelaide, and Jll’s sister Julie get up every morning and do pilates and/or yoga. They spend the rest of the day doing spa-type activities. Sounds heavenly, except for the yoga and pilates. Bill and I joined them last night for dinner and a tour of the spa.


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