Thursday Thoughts

While we were in Denver last week, we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate our eldest grandchild’s 18th birthday with her. We discussed what she can legally do now that she couldn’t do when she wasn’t yet 18. She can vote. She can serve in the military. She can get a tattoo without her parents’ permission. She can serve on a jury. She can accompany her younger siblings into a R-rated movie. So, I know she will vote. I know she will serve on a jury if called. She might take her younger siblings to an R-rated move, but only if her parents say it’s okay. As for the military, she is currently awaiting to hear from the Air Force Academy as to whether she receives an appointment. Then we will see. In the meantime, rather than birthday cake (because she gave up sweets for Lent), she had a beautiful bowl of fruit. She put 18 candles into a banana, and lit them. Unfortunately, they were the sparkler kind of candles, and this happened…..

She blew the candles out quickly before the smoke alarms went off.

As I mentioned earlier, we were able to spend time with all of our Denver grandkids. Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole had a sleepover. We took Addie, Alastair, and Addie’s boyfriend Trenton out for sushi. We took Dagny, Addie, Alastair, and their mom, as well as Allen and Emma out for Mexican food…..

Magnolia helped me buy my new iPhone and we were able to watch a couple of episodes of Death in Paradise before she had to run off to volleyball practice. All in all, a great visit.

During the aforementioned sleepover, Cole discovered the Twister game I had purchased a long time ago but never opened. He insisted that we play it, and Kaiya and Mylee agreed. Papa Bill firmly declined, but was an onlooker. Truly, I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Attempting some of the necessary moves was quite a challenge for this-formerly-flexible-but-currently-as-stiff-as-a-board Nana. The three kids, however, were interlaced like a bowl of pretzels. It was such fun.

Cool Spell
Just as soon as I told you what a beautiful spring we were having, the weather turned cool. When I say “cool,” I mean in the low 60s during the day. I will admit that my heat went on yesterday morning, but it warmed up to high 60s. I think my Denver family was shoveling snow, so no complaints.


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