It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane

Six or seven years ago, our son Court had an opportunity to move to the Phoenix area within the company he worked. He brought his family to Mesa that January to check out the area and see if it was something he thought would be good for all of them.

The idea of having them move out of Colorado was sad for me, but if they were going to move, Phoenix would not be too awful. After all, we had a house there and spent four months there out of the year. But I had a word of caution for him. “Remember, Son, it’s lovely weather right now, but in June or July or August the temperatures are in the three-digit category, and often 110 or more. Can you live with that?” He thought for a few moments, and then explained to me that 110 degrees is, indeed, very hot. “But Mom,” he said. “No matter how hot it is, you can still drive anywhere and do anything. The problem with snow is that it can make the roads dangerous and prevent you from doing something you perhaps had planned.”

I understood perfectly. I am not a fan of cold and snowy weather. So it is quite ironic that the week that Bill and I decide to leave 80-degree weather in Arizona to come to Colorado, we are welcomed by 20-degree weather and an historic March snowstorm. Karma stinks.

But my husband isn’t one to let a challenge get the better of him. Yesterday, after letting the sun do its duty for a few hours in the morning, he addressed the pile of snow that was preventing my yellow bug from getting into the street. By that time, the city had sent a snowplow down our street, making a one-lane passage, and it was already melting. So it was just a matter of moving the snow (that was now mostly ice) that provided a barrier between our driveway and our street.

He once again put on his Nanook of the North clothes and headed outside with a couple of different versions of snow shovels. For the next hour, I heard chink chink chink as he battled the ice. He finally came in and said that he thought I could get my car out into the world. I looked out and was amazed to see that not only could I get my car out of the driveway, but the driveway was completely cleared.

Instead of his Nanook of the North clothes, he should have been wearing Superman clothes. Of course, Superman only wears a shirt, underwear, tights, and a cape, and wouldn’t have been nearly as warm. But you feel my sentiment. MY HUSBAND ROCKS.

As a result, we were able to meet friends of ours for Happy Hour at a nearby restaurant. I will also be able to run some errands today, including (perhaps) buying a new cell phone. Sigh. When one piece of technology breaks, others follow. It’s Murphy’s Technologically-Inclined Brother’s Law.