Thursday Thoughts


Yesterday was our travel day. We flew from Phoenix to Denver without a hitch. Well, there was that one point as we neared Denver that the pilot turned the plane so sharply that Bill and I thought he was making one of those so-called Phoenix Flips U-turns. We landed safely, we had two very nice and very safe Lyft drivers, had our mandatory Bloody Mary before boarding the airplane, and arrived to no snow. The plane was quite full, but everyone wore a mask. I sprayed down our seats with enough Lysol to kill a small dog. Thankfully there wasn’t a small dog nearby.

Christmas in March

If you recall, when we left for AZ, we intended it to be a short visit and return to Denver before Christmas. So I left our house completely decorated for the holidays. When we ended up staying, I had our various and sundry kids/grandkids unChristmas us as much as necessary. So they took down our outdoor lights. They moved the Christmas tree out of the window and switched out the timer from the tree to the lamp. So I’m spending today taking down Christmas decorations. I’d forgotten that I also left food in our fridge that would still be good in a few weeks. But not nearly four months. That was a rather unpleasant surprise. I didn’t know cheese could be that green!

Oh, the Weather

The weather service is telling us we might get as much as 60 inches of snow this weekend. They’re hedging their bets a bit because if the front moves a little one direction it could do nothing. As soon as I got home yesterday, I went to the grocery store to buy some food. The grocery shelves were sad-looking already. Still, I have food to get us through a few days if the weather hits. I recall March 19, 2003, when Adelaide Grace was born during an enormous blizzard…..

Picnic Anyone?

I know I’m a dork, but while I have no interest in awards shows, I love to see the dresses worn by the women. I was astounded that this dress was on every best-dressed list for the Golden Globes. I don’t even know the name of the actress, but her dress reminds me of those screen covers you put over potato salad to keep out the flies…..


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