Thursday Thoughts

My sister Bec always jokes that Autumn in AZ is one day long. Seriously, she says one day in January, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and fall off, and it’s on to Winter. I don’t know if that’s true because we don’t have any trees with leaves, only cacti with needles. But I’m beginning to think our Winter was only one week long. We had a week with high temps in the 50s and low 60s, but now it seems to be over. My long-sleeved t-shirt got too warm for me yesterday afternoon with temps in the high 70s. I’m not complaining, especially when Jen sent me this photo of her back yard yesterday…..

One of the best things about spring in AZ is the birds that visit us daily. I’ve mentioned our road runner, and I continue to get excited every time he walks by on our fence. I mean A ROAD RUNNER! But I see cactus wrens flying in and out of the saguaro cactus I see as I sit in my recliner. They must have a nest. Hence, their name. Every day I see mockingbirds and mourning doves sitting on the fence checking out their world. Funny little coveys of quail run across our street, dodging cars. There aren’t a lot of song birds in our neighborhood, but I love the variety of tunes the mockingbirds sing. Somewhere between 250 and 350 in all.

He Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog
Yesterday I gave the house a good cleaning. I found about three or four of Winston’s doggy toys under the sofa or behind the chair. I put them in his little basket for when he comes back. I also broke down and put his doggie dishes in the dishwasher. I miss that little pooch.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Spring training will begin in a few days. Pre-season baseball didn’t happen last year of course. This year it’s on, with some restrictions. I’m hoping that Bill and I can see a game this year when we get back from our Denver visit. Go Rockies!

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