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I haven’t mentioned my husband’s name in a blog post for a couple of weeks. He was not particularly happy when I mentioned him by FULL NAME in my blog post in which I speculated that our neighbor was a serial murderer. In retrospect, that might not have been very well thought out. In my defense, I have mentioned him by name in previous posts. I tried to appeal my case to him, however, and he pointed out that in those self-same posts, I was not writing about a killer. I might just have to give the man that point: 15/love. Advantage Bill. Er, my husband.

A lot of bloggers use initials when they write about members of their family. I just can’t make myself refer to my husband as BM. It just ain’t right. I could give him a false name. Something cool and sophisticated like Barnaby Reginald Astor III. BA sounds much better than BM.

Bill My husband simply doesn’t look like a Barnaby, however. It reminds me of a story that a friend once told me: When her mother was pregnant, she and her father selected the name Caroline. The whole time she was pregnant, if it was a girl, she was going to be Caroline. After she was born and laid into her mother’s arms, her mother looked at her and said, “Hello, Amy.” Her father was confused and said, “I thought she would be named Caroline.” Her mother replied, “Does she look like a Caroline to you? She looks like Amy.”

So, since we can all agree that my husband doesn’t look like a Barnaby, it’s going to require more thought. In the meantime, he is My Husband.

So anyone who knows my husband will not be surprised when I tell you that one day he informed me that he had purchased a projector.

“A what?” I asked. “What are we going to do with a projector?”

“Project things,” he patiently explained. “Play movies in the dark in our backyard. The grandkids will love it.”

Well, that last statement is true. They would love it. The problem is that our closest grandkids are 900 miles away in Denver, and the other two are 2,600 miles away in Montpelier, VT. Nevertheless, we now own a projector and (because we needed something onto which we could project) a screen that puts most drive-in theaters to shame. Again, anyone that knows my husband is not surprised that he went with the large size. It’s how he rolls…..

It remains to be seen whether or not this nana and papa will ever make it up past dark to watch a movie outdoors when we can sit in our comfortable recliners and watch inside.

3 thoughts on “Sit-In Movies

  1. Kris, you make me laugh! Your “My Husband” is so clever to have purchased a projector. We have thought about it for Husker games to project outside on a lovely fall day, and have never purchased. He’s a NASCAR fan too so that would be fun for the grownups! I can imagine many projection-parties!!!

    Thank you for your writing.



  2. Mr. Big was my first thought, but has been overused so that isn’t an option – Mr. B? Always love them and I could totally see my husband (ie Kevin) not wanting his name out there, he is definitely not a social media guy

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