Thursday Thoughts

Give it a Shot
This morning, Bill received his second COVID-19 vaccination. I’m not sure as I write this whether he will have a reaction this time. It’s common with the second dose, but most often short-lived and not serious. Fingers crossed. Mine is scheduled for March 2. Much to her surprise, Jen was able to receive her first vaccination yesterday afternoon. A friend of Maggie’s is a pharmacist, in charge of the area’s CVS drug stores. He had made his rounds and had one remaining dose. He called Maggie and offered it to Jen in lieu of throwing it away. Given that she has had two serious surgeries within the past year, it made sense. Now she has to figure out how to get her second dose — whether she has to do it here or if she can get it done in Colorado.

And the Reason for the Question….
… that after being in AZ since October 2020, Jen is finally going back to Fort Collins. She broke the news to her grands yesterday afternoon, who apparently took it like champs. Bill and I have grown accompanied to her company and will miss her. But who we will really miss is Winston Churchill Sanchez…..

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and for the first time in probably 30 years, I missed going to Ash Wednesday Mass and receiving ashes. Different churches did it different ways this year. I took the gospel about the hypocrite to heart this year, and decided I didn’t need ashes to show my faith. I admit that I missed the tradition, however. This year, as many years, I gave up something that I will miss. But, unlike the hypocrite, I’m going to stay quiet about it, and sacrifice by myself.

Cold Enough For Ya?
While our family and friends suffered through literally bone-chilling temperatures (it was -2 in Denver Sunday when I spoke to Court), we have been enjoying nice weather. It’s been in the 70s until this week, when the temps dropped to the mid- to high-60s. By the weekend and beyond, we’ll be in the 70s again, creeping up into the 80s.

Heading East
I will receive the second vaccination on March 2. So today I made reservations to fly back to Denver for a 10-day visit. I miss everyone. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have one of those weird March snowstorms, like we did on March 19, 2003, when Adelaide came into the world.


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