Thursday Thoughts

It’s been fun this week to write entirely made-up stories about our recluse neighbor. I assure you, none of them were true, at least to our knowledge. I will tell you that Bill is truly convinced that Jason is part of the witness protection program. In Bill’s mind, that addresses all of the issues that continue to surprise us. One day, when Bill’s butt was sticking out of the car, he looked up to see a large plain, white van pull up in front of the house. I man in a suit ran up to Jason’s door and dropped off a package of some sort. Now, this could be anything, but I assure you that in Bill’s mind, it is further proof that poor Jason is running from some bad guys. We will keep our eye open and you informed.

On Tuesday, Bill and I drove to Phoenix Municipal Stadium, where I got my first COVID-19 vaccine. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally get the first shot. I have had absolutely no side effects from the first shot. I’m told it’s the second shot that most often causes some side effects. I will happily put up with the side effects if I can rejoin the world, even wearing a mask and continuing to social distance. Bill gets his second shot next week.

Bad Guts
Our family unfortunately suffers from bad guts. When I way “our family,” I am talking extended out. One of my uncles died shortly after he returned from WWII from what was then called an ulcer. Since then, many relatives have had stomach issues of one sort of the other. You know my sad story. This week, I took Jen to the Emergency Ward here in Mesa because of severe cramping. Thankfully, she was not admitted. She was released, however, with a diagnosis of diverticulitis, which is what I initially had before my surgery. Thankfully, there was no performation, and she was released with orders to hydrate hydrate hydrate. She continues to recover, and feels much better.

My Chair
While Bill is out working on his car, Winston enjoys using his chair for a resting place. The other day, Jen captured him stretching out in Bill’s chair. When she showed Bill the photo, he simply shook his head and smiled. Jen caught him in a big stretch. It looks, however, like she told him, “Play dead!” It’s no surprise that Winston doesn’t beat out Bill for the chair…..

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