Saturday Smile: You? Lookin’ at Me?

My mother used to say whenever our dog Mac got a haircut, he was so embarrassed he wouldn’t come out of the bedroom. I didn’t believe her. Dogs can’t feel things like embarrassment. Right?

Wrong. Yesterday, Jen’s yorkipoo Winston got a much-needed haircut. In particular, his tail had gotten matted and unattractive. Jen told the groomer to cut him short, and to cut the tail as short as the rest of him.

Well, he cut him short, all right. Except for his cute little face, he looks pretty skinny and, well, cold. And let me tell you, he was definitely embarrassed. He walked into the house, jumped on the sofa, and put his head under one of the pillows.

Here is a shot of him hiding in the small space between the wall and an ottoman. Don’t look at me, he seemed to be saying. I’m hideous.

The good news Winston? It will grow back. The bad news? The temperatures are falling once again. Stay warm.

Have a great weekend.

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