Thursday Thoughts

Good Shot
Bill is the first in our family to receive the COVID vaccine. Yesterday we drove to Chandler Gilbert Community College, about 25 minutes south of our house. We were not alone. There were some hundred other old people, all with the same goal: beating COVID. While getting Bill’s appointment wasn’t a piece of cake, once we got there, everything was very organized. Though Bill said the needle was long, (and he doesn’t like shots) he said it was painless. I will admit that I teared up when he got the shot. It’s been such a long year for us all.

White House
Our house was built in 2005, and it has 2005 colors. 2005 Arizona colors. That is, browns and greens and golds, almost like being back in the 60s. When we got our new bed, I decided I was ready for a change, at least in our bedroom. Jen helped me select the color, with the help of Instagram. We chose Sherman Williams Alabaster White. I was afraid it was going to be too stark, but instead it’s a very soft white. Our room looks completely different — bright and friendly. I’m very happy. Now I just have to get things set up again, and find some art for the wall.

Yesterday was a chilly one, my friends. I know, I know. I watched Jll and Alastair shoveling our walks Monday on our Ring doorbell app. They looked very cold, and there appeared to be plenty of snow. Still, we got a bit of snow Monday as well, enough to write the kids’ names on the sidewalk at Maggie’s house. Yesterday morning it was barely above freezing, though it warmed up to the high 50s and the sun was out. Bill complained about being cold Monday night, so I’m working on getting him a warmer blanket.

And At the Movies
We have been on a Tom Hanks kick the past couple of weeks. We watched Bridge of Spies and Sully last week. This week so far we’ve watched Apollo 13 and Big. I hadn’t seen Big in a long while, and forgot how adorable he was in that role. I believe that all four movies made me cry at some point. Man, that guy can act.


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