A Little Pizza Peace

Yesterday Jen and I watched Cardinal Dolan say Mass streaming from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. Having watched the Cardinal say Mass more than anyone else since we stopped being able to regularly attend live Mass in March, I’ve gotten as familiar with his homilies as most of his regular parishioners. They are always amazing, always hit home, and always make me understand why he has made it so far in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. I wish I could live to see him named Pope some day.

Anyway, yesterday’s homily was no exception. The message was simple. Don’t worry about the everyday things of life, even those as serious and dramatic as a worldwide pandemics. All things of earth are temporary and will go away eventually. As an example, he pointed out that President Trump provided temporary anguish for some people. President Biden will provide temporary anguish for others. Both tribulations will end. COVID will go away at some point. Instead, look ahead to those things that won’t go away. While that might not hit home for nonbelievers, it really hit home for me. Only God is permanent.

Anyhoo, it made me think about enjoying the things around us as much as we can. And my family works really hard at making the best of things. As an example, last weekend, Jen invited Bec and Dave over for a pizza party. She set up a pizza bar. I made the crust. Dave rolled out the crusts. (Well, the truth is his talent as a baker allowed him to form the crusts without even taking the rolling pin out of the drawer)…..

We all took turns and chose our own toppings for the pizzas…..

Jen preheated the oven — and the cast iron pans — to 500 degrees. The little pizzas baked quickly, and they were delicious.

Our gathering and the sharing of laughter and love provided a shot of peace during a stressful time. Though even family isn’t permanent — at least not how we know it — it is good to be around love and relaxation, and to know that we are there for one another.

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