Thursday Thoughts

No Success
I sat down yesterday at my computer again yesterday to try and make an appointment to get the COVID vaccination. News sources told me there were still 10,000 openings at State Farm Stadium in Glendale (the Cardinals’ football stadium). That is very far away from our house, but to get the vaccine, I would drive many miles. Alas, I could not get an appointment, no matter how hard I tried. Again, I’m relying on the possibility of getting the vaccine when Bill gets his next week. Fingers crossed.

Painted Skies
Almost every morning when I’m at our home in Denver, I wake up to the most beautiful sunrises. It helps that my kitchen window faces east. Still, I have to give Colorado credit in the sunrise category. However, generally speaking, I have to do the same for Arizona sunsets. We are able to see the beautiful sunsets as we sit out in evening with our adult beverages, and marvel at God’s hand…..

Doggy Fun
The other day Jen and I were at our Fry’s buying some groceries for dinner. We split up, and she did her shopping and I did mine. I didn’t have much to get, but I enjoyed wandering around the store, as it’s one of the big stores with lots of interesting things. I stumbled into the dog toy aisle, and decided Jen’s dog Winston needed a new toy. I spent all of $3.99 on a toy that squeaked, as Jen said those are his favorites. I gave it to him when I got home, and he ran off with great excitement. A bit later, Jen went back to our den where she works and took Winston and his toy with her. Maybe a half hour later, she called to me, “Kris, come and see what you created.” …..

Bad doggy. Two pieces of good news: I didn’t have to clean it up and he sleeps with it every night…..

Let’s All Go to the Movies
Well, we can’t actually go the movies these days, but I’m grateful at least some of them are coming to us. We rented News of the World last night, and the three of us enjoyed it very much. I swear, Tom Hanks can play any role he wants. It was very good and I recommend it highly.


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