Sunny Side Up

As you will recall, we came to the desert in November to escape the climbing COVID numbers in Colorado. We subsequently got stuck here as the numbers in Arizona began to skyrocket and the numbers in Colorado began to even off, and even go down. We were simply afraid to travel. Perhaps it was bad planning, but I prefer to think that it was the hand of the Holy Ghost.

Neither Bill nor I are fond of winter. Cold and dreary weather literally brings on some depression in me. Of course, the good news about Colorado is that the weather rarely stays dreary for long. Having said that, Bill is not a fan of cold weather, and Colorado can be cold even when the sun is shining. Despite having grown up in Chicago, he has always disliked the cold. Now his Parkinson’s intensifies his reaction. As soon as the temperatures drop, his hands are cold enough to chill my martini. The warm weather is good for both of us.

I thought about this as I planted my herb garden here yesterday. I planted chives, thyme, dill, and Italian parsley. Those are the herbs I use the most. I occasionally use rosemary, and we have a very large rosemary bush just outside our back door. I will do the same thing in Denver of course, but that won’t be possible until May, and the weather can be below freezing even as late as May. Springtime in the Rockies.

The temperature hovered in the mid- to-high 70s today. The weather folks are predicting cooler temperatures by the end of the week, “plunging” to low- to mid-60s. The good news is that the cooler weather might bring some much-needed rain. Even desert plants need some moisture.

Speaking of moisture, the other day I noticed that a blooming bush in our front yard was not only not blooming, but the leaves were turning yellow. Since our watering is done with a very quiet drip system, I began to wonder if perhaps it was being a bit TOO quiet. Bill checked, and sure enough, the water hasn’t been on at all since we got here. We’re blaming it on a mischievous roadrunner who visits our yard nearly every day. We had a roadrunner last winter as well. There is, of course, no way of knowing if it is the same fellow, but word travels quickly in the roadrunner world. Our first sighting was last week, when Bill was working on his car in the garage with the door open. He looked up from his work to see Mr. Roadrunner sashay into the garage. Here is a terrible photo of him on our neighbor’s roof…..

As you can see, there is neither an anvil or a coyote. Nor have we heard a single meep meep.

By the way, here is a great photo of one of Arizona’s ironies…..

I still have my poinsettia as well as my herbs. All sitting on our outdoor bar where we can enjoy our afternoon cocktails.


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