Thursday Thoughts

Birds Do It
Yesterday was a spectacular day, sunny and near 70 in the afternoon. I was expecting a quiet day at home working on a puzzle or watching a British mystery. But instead, I got a better offer. My sister Bec called and invited me to take a walk with her at the Riparian Bird Sanctuary in nearby Gilbert. I accepted the offer immediately. We had the nicest time — beautiful scenery, great company, and interesting conversation. Win. Win. Win…..

Baby It’s Cold Outside
The beautiful weather we have been having has its down side. While Bill, Jen, and I love the warm weather, the lack of freezing temps has been keeping the unfriendly critters alive. But longtime Arizona residents think the morning temperatures are COLD. Here is proof. We stopped by a soccer game that Bec’s 13-year-old grandson Carter was refereeing (his very first), and his father Erik was dressed as though he was in the Russian tundra…..

For reference, the temperature was in the low 60s and the sun was shining.

A week or so ago, I woke up with a sore throat and a feeling of fatigue. That was it. No fever, no loss of taste or smell. Just a sore throat. I tried staying calm, but I will admit to worrying about the chance of COVID. When I didn’t feel better the next day, I convinced Bill to go with me to get a COVID test. While we awaited the results, we stayed out in our house. Three days later we received our results, which were negative. We were greatly relieved and happily, I felt a bit better. Still, it was an interesting three days as we waited to hear the news. It gave me a greater understanding of everybody’s fear.

Mr. Bainter the Painter
Since we took the big step of getting a brand new king-sized bed (in which we are sleeping wonderfully, thank you very much), we have decided on painting our bedroom walls. Well, we have decided to hire someone to paint our bedroom walls, given our lofted ceiling. Our neighbor is a professional painter, and he has agreed to paint for a fair price. Next step, choose a color. Anything but the desert colors with which we are surrounded. This afternoon, Bill has agreed to shop for paint colors. I’m sure he’s very excited.


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