Thursday Thoughts

I awoke on Sunday morning with a slight sore throat and a headache. A year ago, I would have given it very little thought. I would have presumed that I was getting a cold like I do almost every January. But in this day and age of COVID, I of course went RIGHT THERE. I didn’t presume I had it; I presumed I might have it. Frankly, that’s a fair assumption. I was gladdened by the fact that I could smell the coffee brewing and taste my pancakes. My temperature was a normal 97.8. Still…. When I woke up Monday feeling no better (but no worse), I decided to get a drive-thru COVID test, and I dragged Bill along with me. Fifteen minutes later we were spitting into a tiny tube. We still haven’t gotten our results. We were told it would be three to five working days. So any time now. But the good news is I feel much better, and only have a little bit of a cough. Even as colds go, it is pretty weak. Fingers crossed.

In the Whole Wide World?
My fears are not completely unfounded. According to the CDC, Arizona — that state to which we fled in November — is considered to be the worst place IN THE WORLD for COVID. Isn’t that special? We’re number one, even if the Arizona Cardinals failed to make the playoffs. For the most part, Bill, Jen, and I stay at home. When we necessarily venture out, we dutifully distance and steadfastly mask up. At least we can be outside, and enjoy our cocktails on our patio every night. The weather has been beautiful.

Where, What, and When?
Speaking of COVID (and we speak of little else I’m afraid), the three of us are eagerly awaiting the time we can be vaccinated and are completely and utterly confused about how we will know when, where, who, what, and why. Thankfully, I found a news article yesterday indicating that Arizona will begin vaccinating the next phase of folks on Monday, and provided a website where we can sign up. And when I say “we” I mean Bill. He’s the only one who meets the criteria, being over 75 and all. There is some thought that I may be eligible because I am his care partner. That would be nice, but I will tell you that having Bill vaccinated will provide me with great relief.

The 15th Day of Christmas
Much as we dislike the thought, it is time that we take down our meager Christmas decorations. We put up a little tree that we enjoyed immensely. We hung a strand of colored lights, and we bought a little decoration for outside. In other words, it will take us about a minute-and-a-half to undecorate. But we keep putting it off because it brings us joy. Maybe I will put red ornaments on the tree and call it a Valentine’s tree.


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