Thursday Thoughts

Hidden Treasures
Yesterday was the chilliest day since we got here a few days before Thanksgiving. The skies were blue and the kids were out of school. So Jen took a lunch break from work, and she and I went geocaching with her grands, Lilly and Austin. We went two for three (or the kids say three for four because they count checking on one that we had found in a previous geocaching adventure as a new find!) and finished at Sonic as is our geocaching tradition. We had a great time, and then Jen went back to work…..

Happy Together
I have mentioned before that Jen’s pooch Winston loves Bill. I can feed him and pet him and take him for walks, but at the end of the day, he picks Bill. He has great taste. The other night, Jen went to the Desert Botanical Gardens with her daughter Maggie and our sister Bec. The Garden was decorated with beautiful luminaries. Bill and I stayed home. Winston was distraught, but finally found his peace with his BFF. The two share a great napping experience…..

Black Ops
The last couple of nights, we’ve had an unusal activity in our ‘hood. Around 9:30 both nights, there has been a helicopter flying over our neighborhood with a spotlight shining down to the ground. The first night we decided they were looking for some sort of criminal (which made us feel GREAT). But when it happened again the next night, we were left entirely perplexed. Perhaps they are looking for some of the street racers I hear when my window is open. Where is Next Door when you need them?

Happy New Year
It is with no sadness on anybody’s part that we say adios to 2020. It has been a difficult year for everybody. Nothing magical is going to happen on January 1, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am praying for a safe, healthy, and happy 2021 for my family and loved ones. And to all of you as well.

Bring on 2021. Nana’s Whimsies is ready.

Talk to you all on Monday.

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