Thursday Thoughts

Santa’s Early
There is nothing more magical when you are a kid than waking up on Christmas morning and running into the living room and seeing that Santa did indeed come overnight and leave lots of presents. At some point, however, for reasons we never really understood, Santa started coming to the Gloor house on Christmas Eve. Mom and Dad would gather the kids and we would tumble into the car and go for a ride to look at the Christmas lights in our town. Before we backed out of the driveway, Dad would run back into the house to retrieve something or other. We never noticed that it seemed to take him a surprising amount of time. When we would return from our light tour, lo, and behold, Santa would have come! We never asked Mom why they instituted the change, but it probably had something to do with being able to sleep in a bit on Christmas morning.

Doggone It
After Bec and Terry got married, they bought a dog. Lady Patton was a beagle. She, of course, accompanied her mom and dad when they came to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There were always tons of presents under the tree. I remember one Christmas Eve in particular. Patton and our dog Mac each had a present under the tree. We put them way in the back under other presents. We went to Christmas Eve Mass, and when we returned home, the two dogs had managed to find their presents with barely messing up the other presents. As they munched their bones, they gave us a look that said See? Santa came while you were gone!

Oh Christmas Tree
We always had a live tree when we were growing up. But Jen and I were recalling the other day that our grandparents always put up an aluminum Christmas tree in the living room of their apartment above the bakery in Columbus. Just like the trees that Lucy is always pushing on Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Silver in color, and about three feet tall. Grammie’s Christmas tree. Good memory.

At the Movies
I don’t think I watched as many Christmas movies this year as I did last year. Still, I saw the ones that matter. I watched A Christmas Story with Austin and Lilly. I saw It’s a Wonderful Life, a movie that has grown on me over the years. Jen and I watched White Christmas. I watched Love, Actually, and last night we coerced Bill into watching The Holiday with us.

Happy Christmas
Nana’s Whimsies wishes everyone a merry Christmas. I am taking a break for the Christmas weekend, and will return on Monday, December 28. Unless the eggnog does me in!

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  1. Not only did Mac and Patton find the dog bones, they each had the dog bone that was purchased for them! 🎅🐶

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