Thursday Thoughts, Wednesday Edition

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that I wouldn’t be writing a regular blog on Thursday, so I thought I would share my few and unimportant thoughts on Wednesday instead.

Burning Up
I’ve spoken many times about how I grew up watching Dad cook many things on the grill. Pork chops are what his grandkids liked best. Skinny pork chops that he would douse with beer as the flames threatened to encompass the meat. They were yummy. I love my gas grills, but once in a while it makes me very happy to cook on a charcoal grill. The other night I cooked some ribeye steaks that my sister Jen had picked up at Costco. We decided to cook them on the charcoal grill as a tribute to Dad. We smelled the charcoal as the coals burned until they turned gray with ash. And I did what I like best when cooking on a charcoal grill — drank an ice cold martini…..

When You’re a Grown Up, You Can Act Like a Kid
Yesterday, we cooked ourselves a nice breakfast — bacon, eggs, and toast. Then around lunchtime, we got in our car and headed to Andy’s Frozen Custard. What the heck? we thought. We are grown ups and we can eat whatever we want for lunch. Jen and I had turtle sundaes and Bill went with his favorite: a hot fudge malt, large please. We honestly didn’t feel a bit guilty…..

At the sleek and cool hotel at which Bill and I stayed on Friday night, the main wall decoration was this…..

It took me immediately back to my childhood. I played lots of games of Jacks. How do you play? Bill wondered. You bounce the red ball and pick up one jack; you bounce the red ball and pick up two jacks; you bounce the red ball and pick up three jacks. And so on. Jacks and Pick-up Stix. Wow. Those were the days before technology. And weird wall decorations.

Yesterday around midday, the Ring app on my telephone indicated someone was ringing our doorbell. By time I got to my phone and to the correct app, she was gone. However, knowing I would watch on my phone as soon as I could, our granddaughter Addie made a little presentation to the camera. She (dressed in a heavy coat with a gigantic hood on her head) told me they had shoveled our walks and brought up our trash cans from the street. I could see that it was snowing in the background. I admit I felt nothing but satisfaction as I looked out at our blue skies and felt our perfect 70 degree temperature. We got out of Dodge just in the nick of time. Thanks Addie!


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