Thursday Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier this week, my three Zierk grands helped me decorate my angel tree. The ornaments on my angel tree are, of course, all angels. I have collected them over the past nearly 30 years. Many were gifts; some I purchased while traveling; some are hand made. Though each and every one is some sort of angel, it might be a Santa Claus with angel wings, or a teddy bear with angel wings. The angels are made from tin and wood and ceramic and fabric. You name it; it’s probably on my tree. I even have one that is made entirely out of pasta. My stepmother made that by hand. One of my favorites, I will admit, is a chicken with angel wings. However, Miss Mylee — a lover of All Things Monkeys — was aghast that I didn’t have a monkey angel. I suggested she make one, and so she did. Modeled out of Play Doh, the monkey comes complete with a purple knapsack, purple angel wings, and a pink tail…..

More Angels
And speaking again of my angel tree, Cole asked me if he could put all of his favorites in one spot. I assured him that was perfectly fine. When the tree was finished, he showed me the area where he put his favorite ornaments, including one he also made by hand. I’m not entirely sure what his homemade ornament is. All I can tell you is that it involved toothpicks, a napkin, scotch tape, yarn, and lots of glue. You’ll be able to pick it out…..

COVID Plague
We talked to our Vermont family the other day, and commiserated about the fact that we won’t see each other until sometime next year. Normally, they travel to Colorado either for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They will be enjoying turkey and all the fixins’ by themselves this year. We did find a bright side about this pandemic. Back in the Middle Ages when the pandemic was the Black Plague, they ran out of places to bury the dead. As Heather said, “At least we don’t have to walk over dead bodies.” Glass half full.

Heading South
Bill and I are leaving Saturday morning to drive south to AZ. We gave it lots of thought, and decided that we needed to get our car to AZ at some point. We will stay in a nice hotel in Albuquerque where we will sit quietly and try not to touch anything. My sister Jen is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, and it’s my turn to be her care partner. We will arrive Sunday, so there may or may not be a posting on Nana’s Whimsies on Monday. Never fear. I will be back.

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  1. We traveled to CO Springs in October and I’ve never stayed in a cleaner hotel. It was fantastic. Our favorite thing was the remote had been cleaned and sanitized and wrapped. That is welcome to be a new normal that stays around!

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