Saturday Smile: She’ll Be Back in the Saddle

For about a year now, my sister Jennifer has been suffering from shoulder pain. In the last six months, the pain has gotten nearly unbearable. She rarely complained, because with everything else going on, what’s the point. Nevertheless, she elected to have shoulder replacement surgery. It made sense to do it this year, because she had knee replacement surgery in January. Therefore, her copayment has been met.

She had the surgery done yesterday. It took a full three hours to reconfigure a new shoulder. She came through like a champ. She has some tough days ahead of her, but she’ll meet them like a fighter. We all have a lot of our mom and dad in us!

Let’s hope 2021 doesn’t see her with another joint replacement. She’ll barely get through TSA as it is! The thought of a painless sister makes me smile.

Have a great weekend.

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