Thursday Thoughts

Last night I watched the CMA awards show. As usual, I enjoyed it very much. This is literally the only awards show I watch. Lots of performances, lots of cleavage, and no politics. I admit I was kind of happy to see many of the performers had put on the same COVID 20 as I have. I was happy to see Eric Church win Entertainer of the Year, because he never seems to be in the In Crowd. As for Bill, he got in the mood….

Season’s Greetings
Judging from the television commercials, we’re skipping right past Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. That’s okay. I get it. And stores are apparently starting their sales now, which is good. Still, I will always grind my teeth when I watch the commercials featuring expensive cars with giant bows on top.

Who’s the Boss?
I know I am always talking about my niece Jessie, who works as an engineer for some big nationwide company, and who is no bigger than a peanut. My brother sent me this photo this week, and it made me laugh…..

Who says girls can’t play with big toys?

I keep hearing rumblings that grocery shortages are going to return soon. I went to Walmart this week and found the shelves to be well-stocked. There were even many cans of Libby’s Pumpkin, something I had read was hard to find in some parts of the country. I refuses to give in to fear and start hoarding, but I will admit that I bought a couple of bags of flour, a couple of bags of sugar, and several sleeves of yeast. If I couldn’t bake, I would be sad.


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