The other day I received my delivery of the Christmas face masks I had ordered a week or so before from Old Navy. Last Christmas, I didn’t order face masks that showed my holiday spirit because last year at this time, I had never had a face mask on in my life. Well, except for the Cinderella mask I wore for Halloween as a kid.

Now, I’m matching masks to outfits. I pull up at the grocery store, look down at what top I’m wearing, and select an appropriate mask. I’m not the only one either. My sister Bec told me yesterday morning as we FaceTimed that she was disgruntled because she didn’t have any fall- or winter-colored masks. All cheerful summer fabrics. We laughed about becoming so accustomed to wearing masks that we are concerned about fashion.

As for Bill, he is as excited as a kid in the toy store at Christmas because he ordered — and received — what will likely be his go-to mask: a red mask with the Ferrari horse on it. I’m matching masks to sweaters; he’s matching masks to cars. I don’t think I have to wait for a Hyundai Sonata mask to show up.

Here in Colorado, masks are mandatory when in a public place. Mostly people obey the rule. I was in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and saw a woman shopping without a mask. I have no idea if she was protesting the wearing of masks or if she simply forgot to put on a mask. I came thiiiis cloooose to going up to her and suggesting that next time she leaves her house, she might carry (and wear) a mask. I elected not to say a word.

It’s my new vow. I’ve mostly never been the confrontational type. My family will cheerfully disagree, pointing out the time when I was a teenager and was hiking with my family in the mountains outside of Aspen. I saw a couple of what we then called hippies toss a plastic cup onto the trail. I walked up to them and gave them the what-for about littering. They apologized profusely and have never littered since. Yeah, right. In my mind, anyway. I only vaguely remember the situation, but perhaps that’s what’s caused me to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

At any rate, I gave the woman wide berth and said nothing.

And speaking of masks, I’m happy to report that my granddaughter — the one who was notified last Thursday that she had been exposed to COVID — tested negative, as did her entire family. I was holding my breath because if she tested positive, I was also exposed since I had spent the day with her. As soon as we heard about her being exposed, we both put on our masks.

Mine was a fashionable leopard print that went well with my white shirt and khaki pants.

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  1. Man, I am a one or two owning mask woman. Heather and I had discussed early on when the virus was ramping up that we’d know it was the real deal when fashion bloggers started showing masks. It didn’t take long. 😏

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