Thursday Thoughts

We Make Tacos
Bill and I don’t go to a lot of fast food places. Maybe McDonalds for breakfast on occasion when we’re craving grease and scalding hot coffee. Don’t laugh. It happens. Anyway, one fast food joint we visit more than others is Taco Bell. It’s not that we think the food is scrumptious. Of course it’s not. Many years ago when there was much hulabaloo when people learned the quality of the meat that was going into Taco Bells’ crunchy tacos, my sister Jen pointed out, “The taco is 99 cents. Are people expecting Wagu beef?” But it’s near our home, its inexpensive, and their crunchy tacos are, well, crunchy. At any rate, weekend before last, Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole spent Saturday with us. I was contemplating dinner choices, and Mylee begged me to let her have a bean burrito with red sauce from Taco Bell. What the heck? Bill and I could just dine on Taco Bell. I got two crunchy tacos, and Bill got a bean burrito with green sauce and a chicken soft taco. No problemo. The next weekend (which was this past weekend), I wanted to grab something cheap and quick for lunch, so I went through Taco Bell’s drive-thru. “A chicken soft taco,” I said into the box, as I began my order. “I’m sorry,” the box replied. We don’t make chicken soft tacos any more. “Okay. A bean burrito with green sauce,” I went on. “I’m sorry,” the box replied. “We don’t make green burritos any more.” So I improvised. When I got to the window, I politely asked, “When did you stop making soft tacos and burritos, because I got them just a few days ago. “I KNOW,” the woman said. “I just came to work today and there was a notice that we no longer made those two items.” Well, people, if you can’t count on Taco Bell in 2020, who can you count on.

Face Masks
Yesterday I stayed with Kaiya while her mom and dad went to a surgical center so that Court could get some outpatient surgery. Cole and Mylee were at live school, but Kaiya doesn’t go to live school except on Thursdays and Fridays. So I stayed with her to make sure she actually did the school work she was supposed to do. (And, by the way, she did.) About 1:30, my telephone rings, and it’s Kaiya’s mom. “I have something to tell you,” she said. I braced myself to hear that something awful happened on the operating table. “Court’s fine,” she quickly said as she heard my gasp. “But I just got a call from Kaiya’s school. She has been exposed to COVID. Someone she sat next to in school has tested positive. Yikes. Kaiya and I both threw on our masks, and I went to pick up Mylee and Cole from school. The initial plan was to take all three to get tested, but the doctor suggested that they wait until today (Friday) to get the tests done. I’m waiting to hear if she tests positive. I don’t think she will (please God!). Fingers crossed.

Pizza Pizza
I got home from babysitting around dinner time with not a single plan for dinner. What sounds good to you, I naively asked Bill. Of course, his answer was pizza. I was getting ready to order from our neighborhood joint, when Bill said that deep dish pizza sounded good to him. Now, he hails from Chicago, but grew up on the south side where pizzas have thin, cracker crusts, Italian sausage, and the pieces are cut in squares. As I wondered who this person was and what he did with my husband, it occurred to me that Bec had heard recently that Domino’s Pizza makes a really good deep dish pizza. So I ordered Domino’s, and guess what? It was really good! Who knew?


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  1. It is the slow drip, drip, drip of 2020 that gets you, isn’t it? No Taco Bell, no Lipton black tea at the grocery…. Need I say more?

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