Thursday Thoughts

Is the Doctor In?
This week has been crazy with doctor appointments. One of the side effects of growing older is the need to see doctors of all colors, creeds, and medical specialties. We have your cataracts. We have your movement disorders. We have your heart issues. Bing. Bing. Bing. It’s a full house. Anyhoo, yesterday we were out the door in plenty of time for Bill’s 10:30 appointment for an echocardiogram. We parked in the wrong spot, which resulted in the nicest security guard imaginable leading us to the place where we needed to check in. William McLain for radiology, we said. The receptionist looked and looked. She asked for his date of birth. She asked twice for the spelling of his last name. Finally, she gently explained to us that, yes, we had a 10:30 appointment for an echo, but unfortunately, it’s next Wednesday. Well, better early than late, isn’t it? Yikes.

See You Next Year
I sent a text to our lawn service this week explaining that we no longer needed the service this year. We had our sprinkler system blown out, and the lawn is now dead to me. Our lawn service fellow was very nice about it, but of course he had to be because Christmas is coming. You see, our lawn service this year was our 15-year-old grandson Alastair. He did a marvelous job. Hope to see him, or another grandchild next year pushing out mower.

Happy Birthday
Monday was Bill’s birthday. Admittedly, birthdays are not quite the same when you’re in the upper years as they are when you’re turning 7. Still, I made him King for the Day. I made a coffee cake for him for breakfast; I bought him his choice of lunch, which was barbecue; and Dave and Jll hosted him us for dinner. We enjoyed yummy pot roast and the kids baked him a chocolate cake for dessert. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband…..

A Chill in the Air
We’ve had a lovely fall so far, but the weather is supposed to cool down in the next few days. Friday, the high is expected to be around 40 degrees. That’s bearable, and I won’t complain. I’m ready to cover up my grill and start braising some meals.


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