Thursday Thoughts

They Eyes Have It
I am fully recovered from my cataract surgery; in fact, I suspect I was fully recovered some 24 hours after the doc put down the laser (or whatever he used to make me see clearly again). Now it’s Bill’s turn. Tomorrow he goes under the proverbial knife. And just as I was, he is nervous about it all, despite the fact that I keep telling him it’s a piece of cake. I get it. The thing is, no matter how many people tell you it’s not unpleasant. THEY’RE MESSING AROUND WITH YOUR EYES. And, of course, they make you sign that form that says if you go blind, don’t blame us. He’ll be fine, but remember him in your thoughts today and tomorrow.

Tabling It
I have been toying with the idea of getting a new kitchen table. We have had our current table for something like 300 years. It worked swell for all that time. It’s big, people. Very big. And it can fold out to be even bigger. It has fit our entire family on several occasions. Perhaps not comfortably, but it fit some 11 or 12 folks that get along really well. But we almost never have that many people for dinner any more. Ninety-eight percent of the time, it’s Bill and me, looking like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, so far away we can barely hear each other. Perhaps we just need hearing aids. Nevertheless, last weekend we went out and looked at tables. In my perfect world, we would have a smaller table that extended out to what our existing table does normally. Easier said than done. For one thing, almost all of the tables are high, requiring special high chairs. Not good for two reasons: 1) We are senior citizens and can’t boost ourselves up as easily as youngins’; and 2) If we need to pull in more chairs, well, we can’t. After about two hours of looking, we both got weary. So we are still sitting at the same table.

Royal Battles
And speaking of the Queen and her prince, as I was awaiting a cashier at the grocery store today, I glanced up at a National Enquirer. According to the magazine, the queen has HAD IT with her prince, and the marriage is in trouble. I’m thinking not so, as she is 94 years old, and he is her senior at 99. I’m thinking he’s not doing a lot cheating any more. In fact, I’m guessing he only gets out of bed to be propped up and wave at the crowds when necessary. But you can always trust the National Enquirer.

More Puzzles
I finished a puzzle yesterday that featured the Denver Broncos. It was lots of fun, and gave me a bit of a battle. (More battle, unfortunately, than the Broncos are giving their opponents.) I texted the Biggest Broncos Fan Court and told him he is welcome to borrow the puzzle and work it with his kids. His reply? No thanks. Puzzles and our house don’t go well together. I believe that to be true, as Cole made a honest attempt to send my recent puzzle flying during his last visit.


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  1. Totally understand your hesitation about cataract surgery. A few years ago, I had to have cornea peels on both eyes and it totally freaked me out. Turned out it was no big deal, thank God!

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