Saturday Smile: High Tech

Thursday evening I opened up my WordPress application in order to write my Friday book review. Much to my surprise, nothing was as I expected. I was completely stumped as to how to write, and then post, my blog.

I say it was to my surprise, but that’s my own fault. I believe that WordPress has been notifying me periodically that changes were on the way. Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, I pretended nothing was going to change.

You see, someone a lot smarter than me set up my blog. He designed the logo, he set the format, and he told me how to post. Since then, I have lost touch with him. And so I am sort of stumbling.

I am certain that I can figure it out in time. I have no doubt that WordPress made it simpler rather than more confusing. So once I understand it all, I will be back in the saddle again.

Until then, I will continue posting to the best of my ability. There are many things I have yet to figure out. However, I will figure them out in time. If I can’t, I will ask one of my grandkids for help!

Stay tuned, and stay patient.

Have a great weekend.

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