Saturday Smile: Family Discount Not Necessary

For the past year or so, Bill has been suffering from pain in his back and hip. I know this will shock you, but I nagged him to see a doctor. Understandably, he thinks he sees enough doctors, and he was really reluctant to embark on another medical journey. However, his movement disorder specialists noticed his limp the last time we went, and he agreed to see a doctor.

Remember how I’ve always said I was a Glass-Half-Empty Person? Well, I was convinced that he had arthritis in his hip, and was going to need a hip replacement. In fact, Bec joked that if we were to go to the doctor in AZ who replaced her hip and replaced Jen’s knee, we might be able to get a family discount. Ha ha ha.

We visited the orthopedic surgeon this week. They took X-rays. When the doctor showed us the X-ray results, he pointed out how amazingly clean Bill’s hips were. Lots of space between bones. Dream hips, in fact.

His back, however, has arthritis. That arthritis accounts for the pain throughout his lower extremities. The good news — the news that made me smile — is that the pain can be treated through physical therapy. No surgery necessary.

That man will outlive us all!

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Family Discount Not Necessary

  1. Bill is also on the move all day, everyday. Now he’ll just spend 15 minutes of moving doing the exercises from the PT.

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