Saturday Smile: I’m Freeeeeee!

Exactly two weeks ago today, Bill came downstairs in the morning as usual. He sat down in his usual chair. He poured himself a cup of coffee. Then he looked at me and said, “I’m done.”

“Okay,” I replied. “But….done with what?”

“With the study,” he said. “I’m finished participating in the study.”

Friends and followers of this blog know that Bill has Parkinson’s Disease. Two years ago, he agreed to participate in a research study in which the primary medication used for PD — Carbidopa-Levidopa — would be pumped into his body for the entire time that he is awake. The goal was to determine whether having constant access to this medication would even out a person with Parkinson’s on and off periods.

The study involved him being hooked up to the pump every single day. This meant sticking two small needles into his body — primarily his legs — each day, and connecting the pump to the canula. Every day, he bravely sat as I got him connected to the pump.

The result was that he was perhaps a bit more even; however, another result is that both of his legs are covered with bruises and bumps. He also believed he was losing strength in those legs. Apparently, he had reached his limit. Early on, he said he didn’t believe the process was sustainable, but he stuck it out (no pun intended) for a full two years.

Thursday we had an appointment with his entire research and medical team. I am so happy to say that after they did their examination, they proclaimed that he seemed to be doing fine without the pump, much to their surprise. That was exceptional news.

In fact, the only change his team made to his regular oral medication was adding an extended release C/L tablet during the night should he get up to use the restroom.

My husband continues to amaze me. And now he no longer contends with that damn contraption!

Have a great weekend.

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