Thursday Thoughts

September Surprise
We survived cold weather the past few days. In Denver, we got very little snow, but some nice rain which we desperately needed. Our neighborhood was absolutely silent during the cold front. No one was walking their dogs. There were no children riding their bikes to school. Cars were nowhere to be seen. It was quite eerie. Today will be in the 50s, and I hope it brings folks out of their houses so I can stop feeling like I live in a horror movie.

No Longer Puzzled
Last Thursday I expressed my frustration about the fact that I had completed a puzzle that ended up with one piece missing. Yesterday I ran Rosie the Roomba, and when she was done, I opened her up to empty her contents. Buried deep inside of her I spotted something besides simple dirt. Voila! The puzzle piece.

Off to School
Our last set of grandkids — Joseph and Micah — headed off to school in Vermont this week. Joseph will be in sixth grade and Micah will be in third grade. They will be actually going to a carefully controlled classroom…..

Mylee FaceTimed me yesterday. We chatted for a bit, and I asked her how school was going. (She’s going to live classroom each day.) “We aren’t  doing anything fun,” she said sadly. She listed all the traditional activities for fifth graders that aren’t being done this year because of COVID. The one that seemed to bother her most was the absence of the program in which fifth graders become “buddies” with kindergartners. “I’ve looked forward to being a buddy since I was in kindergarten,” she said. “Maybe you will be able to do it second semester,” I told her. Unfortunately, I bet not.


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