Saturday Smile: Welcome to the Mile High City

My niece Jessie was born in Arizona, and lived there for her entire life. Well, until this past May when she and her boyfriend moved to Denver. While she is somewhat familiar with cold weather because she went to school in Flagstaff, her boyfriend Rob has lived his entire life in the Phoenix area.

Since moving here, they have enjoyed the heck out of Colorado. They have hiked, camped, kayaked, bicycled; you name the outdoor activity, they have done it.

Yesterday I got a text message from Jessie. Here is what it said:

What on earth is happening in Denver next week!?

I assume it’s Monday going into Tuesday that’s throwing her off guard. Little does she know that a drastic temperature change such as that is pretty typical of Colorado autumn. Colorado spring, for that matter.

Welcome to Colorado, Jess.

Have a great weekend.

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