Thursday Thoughts

There is not a lot more frustrating than working on a puzzle only to find at the end of the task that one piece is missing. I worked this puzzle over the last few days. Every time I do a puzzle, at some point I tell Bill, “There’s a piece missing. I know there is.” But there never is a piece missing. However, this time it was true; a piece of the puzzle was nowhere to be found upon finishing it. No grandkids have been around. I moved the table around in search of the piece. Though I hate to blame my favorite puzzle maker Springbok, I think perhaps it was sent without a piece. Of course, it could have been thrown away with the plastic wrap…..

Day before yesterday when Addie and I had lunch, I told her that I had become addicted to a game that her Aunt Lauren had introduce to me called Happy Color. “I’m talking addicted, as in if I was watching a baby that started to cry, I would let it cry until I finished the game. And maybe start a new game!” I told her. And it’s true. It’s a color by number game, and I play it throughout the day. I do stop long enough for meals and bedtime. Addie informed me that she was addicted to Tic Tok. She, however, is smart enough to put a time on her play so that she doesn’t waste her day. Maybe I’ll do that, say, tomorrow.

Into the Hole 
Bill and his friend Randy went to the nearby golf course driving range yesterday morning to practice teeing off. They’ve been talking about golfing together, but neither one seemd very confident in their play as yet. They were gone a long time. When they got back to our house, they were like two little boys. “You’ll never guess what your husband made me do,” Randy said. “We played nine holes of golf! And it was so much fun!” The two of them enjoyed their day. They didn’t keep score, and serious golfers would perhaps have looked askance at the way they sort of ignored some of the rules. Apparently, one of Bill’s drives went into the rough. Randy told him to just pick it up and drop it out of the rough. Bill dropped it alright; more of a toss, really, onto the green. Tiger Woods would frown, but they had a blast. Two senior passes and a golf cart for $30!….

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary 

My garden plants are about played out. I pulled the leggy petunias a week or so ago. My tomatoes are no longer very pretty, but they are still offering their delicious fruit. They get a reprieve for a bit. The nights have been cooler, so it won’t be long before I say bye-bye to those as well.


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  1. I thought I would scroll to the end of your blog and I would see a photo of Bill making a puzzle piece in the shape of the missing piece. That’s how it ended in my head anyway.

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