Thursday Thoughts

See Like an Eagle
Tomorrow is D-Day for Nana Kris. I have a cataract removed from my left eye. Bill is having both eyes done, but not until October. When we sat down with the ophthalmologist to discuss our surgery, he said we had several options. We could just have the cataract removed, or we could have them do something else that would result in us seeing like an eagle. “We’re going for the eagle,” Bill said, without a moment’s hesitation. So after years of wearing glasses (once my lasik that I had done some 15 years ago wore off), I will once again be able to see clearly. I will admit to being a bit apprehensive about the surgery, but I have yet to hear a single person say it was anything but a breeze. Here’s hoping! I may or may not post on Saturday, but I should be good to go by Monday.

Beezness Was Good 
Dagny began selling her honey on Saturday at a stand that she set up in front of their house…..

left to right: Joseph (wearing the bee suit), Dagny, and Maggie Faith.

In one day only, our little entrepreneur made nearly $1,000.00. People, I’m in the wrong business. By the way, Dagny explained to me that honey tastes different every year, depending on where the bees gathered the nector. Last year’s honey was delicious, with a bit of a smoky flavor. This year, my friends, it’s even better. No smoke flavor, simply a nice sweet flavor of nector. Yum.

Bec left last Saturday morning to return home to Chandler, AZ. She was not looking forward to returning to the heat. While we have had plenty of hot days, at least it cools down some at night. Anyhoo, she was almost to Albuquerque when she realized she had left all of the candy she had purchased in Estes Park for her family. Bill and I finally got that box sent off yesterday. We were distracted, because Heather and her family left on Monday, and she forgot her cell phone. In the scheme of life, that was a bit more important to get sent out than candy. The candy, however, is delicious.

Lunch Dates 
We had lunch yesterday with friends. We sat at an actual restaurant and ate our meal. I’m happy to be able to dine in, and we enjoyed catching up with our friends so very much. However, I will admit that dining in is still a bit difficult and cumbersome. It will get better soon, I’m sure. (That is my attempt at being glass-half-full instead of my typical glass-half empty.)