Thursday Thoughts

Back in Beezness 
Dagny’s bee hives have been scraped and the honey has been harvested. Apparently the bees weren’t thrilled that two humans were messing with the hive on which they had worked so hard over the past few months. Three stings total between Dave and Dagny, and one of them was from a bee who had made its way into the house. One whole afternoon was spent draining the hives…..

There’s a whole process that needs to be handled before the honey can be put into jars and eaten, and that’s what’s happening now. But in a day or two, Dee’s Bees Honey will be available. Yum. Can’t wait.

Bill and I pulled into the parking lot for Lamar’s Donuts Sunday after church. We were driving the Yellow Bug. Lo, and behold, here’s what we saw in the parking lot…..

It was all I could do to keep from parking next to them, but I’m afraid my 2003 bug would have been a redheaded stepchild next to the classic beetles. I’m guessing they were going to caravan someplace for a picnic because I saw lots of picnic baskets. But I will tell you that they bought a lot of donuts as well, because Lamar’s showcase was pert near empty.

Treasure Hunt
Since the Hibbert-McLains are in town, I decided to take Joseph and Micah geocaching yesterday. Though we have a vague recollection that Joseph might have geocached one time with us, it would have been when he was very little, and none of us remembered much. It’s hard to explain to an 8-year-old and 11-year-old what geocaching is. They seemed to catch on quickly, with Maggie Faith as our navigator. We only had an hour, and went one find for two searches. We are pretty sure it would have been two for two if time hadn’t been so short. I think they’re hooked. Sorry Heather and Lauren.

Soup’s On 
Despite record-breaking heat, I was hungry yesterday for Mom’s Broccoli Soup. I happened to have a bag of frozen broccoli and some heavy cream, so I made a pot in the morning. It was finished just in time for Bec, who is staying with us a few more days before she heads south to her AZ home, to have a bowl. Yum, we both thought. Cheers Mom!


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